Friday, August 28, 2009

Honeymoon pictures; fiiiiinallly. :]

Yes, I know.

This was awhile ago.

Buttt..I have just not

had the time to do it,



honeymoon 2009.

After setting up the tent.

Breaking down camp.

my little worker bee.

Yes, we are one of those

couple that still

has thee original package.


We stayed at tyee campground.

Lighthouse at Bandon.

Walking to the lighthouse.

We're there. :]

husband and wife.

We got a tour of the lighthouse.

It was soo much fun.

I dunno what the sign said.


myyy husband.

the rocks.

this flag was so big.

this little farm house was so cool.

On our way home.


We had such an amazing time on our trip.

Our dogs really missed us.

But it was a very nice end to all the maddness of
our crazzzzy life. :]

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