Wednesday, July 15, 2009

101 things you probablly don't know. [but maybe.]<3

1. I was voted Most likely to be seen on court t.v. and most likely to be caught skipping; Nothing like keeping up family tradition- My mother was most polite and My father was foulest mouth. :] Hehe. I guess I am somewhere in-between. :]
2. I look up to certain people in my family. And I am not sure if they realize it or not.
3. I've never dated a redhead, and I wouldn’t. The chance of having a redhead is high in my family. And I don’t want my child to burn easy. :] hehe.
4. I had most of my wedding planned before he asked the question; well technically he has never gotten down on one knee.. Or asked- Will you marry me.
5. Only once have I ever been truly in love.6. I've spent an entire Sunday laying around in just a towel because I was too lazy to get dressed after a shower. (Hey, at least I showered.)
7. The accident where I wrecked my parents Toyota is the only time that I have felt that I really disappointed my parents.
8. I never knew how badly I wanted to be a mother until I saw Justin holding a baby. And I sat there for an hour imagining him holding our baby.
9. If I had one wish; I would wish to turn Ellie into a human. She is the only thing that has ever truly been there for me- no matter what. Not judging.
10. I was somewhat of a stereotypical prep growing up.
11. I enjoy having my own house to go home to after a family event. I love my family, but most of the time after 3 –5 hours with them. I am ready to go home.
12. One of my all-time favorite shows is “Grey’s Anatomy”; Yet I am way nervous for next season, mostly because two of my favorite people possibly got killed off.
13. I would always choose love over money if I had to pick.
14. My family is more important to me than I think they know.
15. Once during a doctor’s visit I asked a nurse to hold my hand while I was getting a shot. I was 21
16. I love Frank Sinatra music!
17. Science comes easy to me. Yet I really struggle with math.
18. I do not like to be told that I am wrong. And more than half the time think I am right..and I usually am.
19. I can't resist a man that smells good.
20. I always thought the term "love sick" was cliché, until I felt nauseas over a relationship.
21. A broken heart really does make your chest hurt. And unable to eat, sleep or breathe without that person next to you. I have only had my heart broken once, by Justin. And he was able to put me back together.
22. Love really is blind sometimes and can't be explained.
23. I'll never say "I love you" unless I really mean it.
24. I battled depression as a kid. I denied it and let it go untreated because I was afraid people would think I was being silly to feel so down.
25. There were times when I should have swallowed my pride and spoke up because inside I was begging for help.
26. My sister Kaitlyn is going to school on a basketball scholarship and I am beyond nervous/excited for her. I want her to do well. And stay focused. So many people have sacrificed for her.
27. I've had 10 piercing at one time. Four in each ear, nose and belly button.
28. I like to wrap one arm around a pillow when I sleep. It's not only comfortable, but also comforting.
29. At times I can be quick to judge people, but even faster to accept them.
30. I'm a kid at heart.
31. I'm not really afraid or embarrassed to be naked.
32. I usually don’t wear underwear.
33. I actually don’t like to cuddle.
34. Ellie sleep in the bed next to me every night, right on my pillow.
35. I really do like water. To swim in. Drink. Bathe. :]
36. I've gone to more of my sisters events than they have to mine.
37. I've had multiple boyfriends at the same times.
38. I knew the moment I met Justin that he was the one I would be with forever..
39. I don't attend church, so when I do pray, I wonder if God will still listen.
40. I'm a firm believer in "God helps those that helps themselves".
41. I'm angry at those who blame their childhood for every problem they have thru adult life.
42. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have heard my father say I love you.
43. My car is always a mess. I never know where anything is. I could clean it all the way out, and the next week it is a complete mess. My mom tells me every time she sees me; Clean your car out.
44. I am so sick of hearing about Michael Jackson’s death; who the F cares?
45. I don’t miss the friends I used to have. They weren’t that great of friends to begin with.
46. I am shocked at how much money I've spent/wasted on clothes that I do not even wear.
47. I have never stole anything in my life. But I know a lot of people that have.
48. The first time I meet people, I am usually really quite and then once we hang out again, I am myself.
49. I never realized that I usually only answer questions with a one word answer. My grandma pointed it out, and now I notice it all the time.
50. I'm dance challenged. I am not capable of dancing.
51. I'm not an easily offended person. You have to really push it to set me off. But once I am there; You screwed.
52. I only had detention once and it was my senior year of high school.
53. I wish I would have gotten better grades in high school, and gone to college somewhere.
54. I would love to be a college graduate.
55. I really think it would be amazing for Justin to be able to go to school and get a degree.
56. Sometimes I feel dumb talking to other people.
57. I have gone snow skiing, but never snowboarding. I would love to have the money for a weekend of skiing with Justin.
58. My parents have never said they were proud of me.
59. I've lived in this state my whole life, but I want to move away to Seattle because I love it there.
60. I like being challenged, but I'm learning to be careful what you wish for.
61. I'm hoping this job opens up new opportunities, and I am looking forward to when I have been here a year so I can transfer to a larger hospital.
62. I tried weed once at age 20 and never would do it again or recommend anyone do it.
63. I was on an emotional roller coaster with a guy for too long. I'm glad the ride is now over.
64. I secretly love it when a man takes care of me when I'm sick or tells me to be careful.
65. I dated a guy once solely for his looks. We never talked about anything of importance. Not once.
66. I can cook. But hate cooking if my kitchen is a little bit dirty.. and I hate cleaning.
67. I believe in chivalry.
68. I love romance. I feel it's the best part of a relationship.
69. I speak only English. I am going to take a Spanish for healthcare class though.
70. My parents have been married 25 years in October. That is very scary. That just seems like so many years.
71. I've acted like I don’t care a lot of my life, when most of the time I do.
72. Justin is the one person that I probably should have made exit my life. All of the things that we have gone through, and still we are together.
73. I have a sentimental keepsake box from past loves and childhood memories.
74. Justin’s family hates me. They do not like me. Or want me to marry their son/brother. They have made it very clear that they have no use for me in their life; and I don’t miss them for one moment. I just want them to be nice to Justin so that I don’t have to freak out.
75. I love an adrenaline rush!
76. Although I would trade an adrenaline rush in for that "rush feeling" of falling in love.
77. I have a good amount of friends and a pretty close family, but I still feellonely at times.
78. I have a hard time understanding how one man could make my heart beat one day and break it the next.
79. I don't trust people as much as I once did.
80. I've had a close friend die at his own hands.
81. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through. There are still times when I don’t quite understand why it happened. Or what I can do to help me move on..
82. I smile. But sometimes it is fake. A lot of the time it is fake.
83. I never let on how much it hurt me when a guy I liked didn't want to meet my family.
84. I try to pray for my family before I pray for myself.
85. I wonder if that is why I am sometimes faced with more bad luck than others.
86. I've "drunk dialed" and been on the receiving end of a "drunk dialer".
87. I melt when Justin kisses my forehead!
88. I really want to go to Vegas, yet I never had.
89. I told Justin’s family that he and I were married. They think they are coming to our wedding. And not our actual marriage.
90. My senior year I TA’ed in a class, and I had 78 day absent, the teacher was supposed to fail me but then I would not have graduated, he told me the day before graduation; Pay it forward. That one day I will make a decision that could make or break someone’s life, and that is the way I will repay him.
91. The biggest turn on is security. Knowing that the bills are paid, there is money in the bank and we are stable.
92. I don't understand why most people hate their jobs; If you hate your job so much find a new job that you love.
93. I wasn’t sure that I was in love with Justin until he and I were separated for 3 weeks unable to talk or see each other, and then I knew that he was the one person that was supposed to be my husband.
94. It makes me sick to my stomach to have to drive past the stop that I wrecked at.
95. When I was younger, I was a complete bitch to people, and now when I see someone that I went to high school with and they are surprised that I talk to them, I always apologize.
96. My wedding ring will be under 30 dollars because Justin and I cannot afford to buy an expensive one. And he feels so bad for not being able to purchase me a wedding ring.
97. I found out a friend of mine was cheating on her husband with multiple people while he was in Iraq; I told him about it. I do not feel bad.
98. My family and Justin have come such a long way. My dad and Justin will even be going hunting this fall together.
99. It is almost surreal that I will be married in less than 30 days. I am getting a little nervous the closer it gets.
100. Having regrets in life is bad, not being able to change is worse.101. Alot of this was hard to write because it brings up memories and feelings I don't like to always admit are part of me.
101. Alot of this was hard to write because it brings up memories and feelings I don't like to always admit are part of me.

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