Sunday, July 5, 2009

the sun is rising.

Currently; I am watching the sun rise. And it could not be a more beautiful sight. FIRST FULL NIGHT SHIFT DOWN! Haha. I am victorious. Lol. I only had patients. But all in all it was a good night. No real problems, and no questions. Rock on.

Five in the morning. And I still havn't finished all the survey's that I sent to myself to keep busy. The hardest part of the night was definatly the hours between 2 and 3. I was nooot even doing well. But 3 to 5 just flew by. And's 5:16 and the sky is almost all the way blue.

I am so blessed. Thank you Lord for my blog and the internet..and Mountain Dew; because those three things are the only thing that kept me from cuddling up with the desk and crashing out. :]


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