Saturday, July 11, 2009

french vanilla mint lip-gloss. [heaven.]

there are times; when i am not sure of the path that i am on.
but i know that i am not walking down it alone.
i know that no matter what the Lord will guide me in the
direction that he has planned for me.

these are a few things
that make me feel
truely blessed.
flip-flop suntan lines.
fresh cut hay field smell.
otter-pops. [purple]
sister trips to the river.
kissing justin.
sitting on a rock watching the water.
my wedding day.
throwing sticks for ellie and jake.
my mother.
watching the sun rise from the front window of work.
eating fresh picked strawberrys.
sweet tea.
walking on the beach.
raspberry lemonade.
watching the joy in my fathers eyes when kaitlyn plays basketball.
my job.
my grandmothers. [i have two. and they both did amazing jobs raising their children]
justin. [whose name gives me butterflies even after 4 years.]
knowing that the lord is my shepard.
green grass.
my mother talking about wedding ideas.
kendal asking me when justin and i are going to have a baby.
french vanilla mint lip-gloss[heaven.]
those beautiful sisters of mine.[how they make me smile.]

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