Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday; Mhm; kicking myself for not sleeping.

Oh golly. I am not going to last through the night. I worked last night, and when I got home, I went to sleep around 8:30-9:00.. and I just could not sleep very well.I was wide awake at 11:30. Justin and I spent most of the day just hanging out. I spent almost the entire day in my bathing suit. It was such a nice day. I sat in the river on my favvvorite rock, with my flip flops on, throwing a stick for Ellie.

Justin had an appointment in Eugene, so he got ready and headed out. I jumped in the shower after he had left, and got ready for the day. Kinda, I put on a little mascara and put my hair into a bun and headed to my grammies. I spent a couple hours there, and tried to sleep on her couch, but it was just not happening for me. Around 4, my cousin Gary and I went back out to my house with Karlea and we all went swimming. Justin and his nephew also came out. J's nephew is spending the night with him tonight.

We all headed back to town, where Justin picked up some pizza and went to my aunt's house. The boys all played on the wii and play station, and my aunt and I talked wedding and family. It is so nice to sit down sometimes and not have to think about anything. That was my day. Sitting in the river, or floating on a floaty; really perfection. :]

When I left Justin and his nephew tonight; they were still at my aunt's and it was 11. They were all outside playing pool, and I think they were going to play the wii for a bit longer. Justin is so good with kids. His nephew is very well behaved and has thee most amazing manners. His parents really have done an amazing job, with both thier children. :]

My bridal shower is this weekend. And I am a little nervous. I am not sure, how it is going to go, or even what is going to go on. But I guess we will see. I hope that it is fun. I am sure that it will be. But you never know with my family. I am trying to think of a cute outfit to wear so that I look good in pictures. I am thinking that I will more than likely go with my black dress. Or maybe find a cute skirt to wear with a tank top and a little sweater. :] whoooo knows. speaking of that; I NEED TO DO LAUNDRY SOOOOOO HORRIBLY BAD. I am on my last pair of clean socks that match, and my last set of scrubs.

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