Saturday, July 11, 2009

mhm. another full night shift.

Tonight I come; not as prepared as the last full night shift that I worked. Last time, I brought snacks, sent myself a bunch of good survey's, took a nice long nap before venturing off to work an 8 hour, no break, always sitting, not very busy night.

Today after sleeping as late as I possibly could[11am]..I cursed myself for piercing my ear on the side of my head that I prefer to sleep on; hense making sleep more of a task than a pleasure. And also cursing those God for-saken flies that thought my face and arms looked like the perfect landing up took a shower. Waited for eight days for my new mail person to drop off my check. Then I headed into town to finish up on the wedding to-do list [that is dwindling by the moment; which kinda scares me. what will i do with my time- if i am not wedding planning?]

Then; Emeli && Kendal and I headed to Eugene. We stopped at Old Navy and browsed the clothes racks, purchased Justin's groom attire and found some verrrry adorable tops that I think would look amazing on on my MOB [mother of the bride]. I am a little nervous as to what my mother is going to wear. So that has become one of my bigger concerns, and now more than ever as I am trying to be gracious and non-bridezilla like..I am trying not to boss my mother and tell her what I want her to wear. I think that I am going to let her decide. Justin told me that my mom is old enough to dress herself, and that she has never worn anything embarassing before and she is sooo overjoyed about this wedding that she would look beautiful in anything.

Getting kinda off track with what I did today.. But I feel this just needs to be said; My mom.. oh how I am impressed with my mom. Well actually all of my family, but above all my mother. She really has helped me plan more of the wedding than I thought she would. I really thought that most of my wedding things would be done entirely by myself or Justin. But everyone seems to be soooo involved and I just love it. I need to try to let Justin be more of a deciding person. I tend to do it on my own, or just let him choose minor things, and I am not remembering that this is his wedding also, and that he would like to be involved in the decision making process. :]

Buuuut back to todays happenings; Em, Brea and I went to eugene, and I got a new scrub top, and searched the entire state of Oregon for a pink long sleeve t-shirt and had no such luck. I really wanted to wear black scrubs and a pink long sleeve to work, but had to end up wearing a nasty dingy white one. Oh well I guess. It was the best I could come up with. My own fault for searching for long sleeves in July. The way the sales people look at you when you say; "Hi, I am looking for a long sleeve t-shirt.. do you know where I could find them?" You know that they are thinking; "Ughm, yeah it's July..YOU CRAZY!!"

Hmmm.. Killing time.. is killing me. I really wish that I had my ipod all loaded down with songs, but I am a sucker fish, and I don't. I am thinking that tomorrow when I go to my grandma's I am going to upload itunes onto her computer and then load songs onto my ipod, which I have had close to 2 weeks now, and have not used once, except to play a verrry cool game on. :]

Alright; I am going to go read my past blogs. lol. Nothing better to do; 2:20am and I still have 5 hours to go.. commmme on daylight.

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