Tuesday, July 21, 2009

feels like home to me. <3

It is official; I rock. :]

I have found all of the music that is going to be during the ceremony. Well most of it..kinda. :] Okay okay- I have found two of the songs, the song that will play when Justin and the attendant's walk down the isle [eric church- loves your love the most] annnnd when I walk down the isle [ chantal kreviazuk- feels like home]

I am pretty sure that when that song plays and I walk down the isle; I am going to cry...along with everyone else. It really is only 19 days away. I am a little nervous; even thought I won't admit that to anyone who asks me. I say ohh no. I am so ready. Butttt.. I am a little scared to go to bed one night as Shelby Kronberger and wake up; Shelby Holland.

I just found the song that my dad and I are going to dance to. :] I cannot wait. I think it is going to be amazing. :] I have sound music by t-carter. and i am in looooove. I cannot wait. I really need to find someone to make me some cd's. :] I am thinking that I will more than likely put itunes on my grandma's computer and just put the songs on my birthday ipod that i have yet to use.

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