Saturday, July 11, 2009

seattle.. oh little booger you. :]

Soo.. I have been dreaming and wishing and hoping that one day, I wake up and I am sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Seattle..with a drivers license with the name Shelby Holland and a seattle address listed on it.

I have always thought that I would leave Cottage Grove, and that I would not fall in love until I had moved away and ventured out into the world. Buttt; I fell in love with a fellow Grovian..and the hopes and dreams of Seattle and life a little smaller. And recently the three biggest things on my mind have been..

1. My wedding; The wedding of my dreams. Being able to get married at my parents truely one of the best things I could think of. I have always loved the house that my parents live in. It is so beautiful, and they take such amazing care of that house, and I can only hope to have a home like that one day. Everything is coming along so nicely, and I really think that I am going to miss all of the wedding planning that I have been doing.

2. Seattle; Oh how I want to live there. Experience that life. The atmosphere of the city. Pike's Places. Starbuck's Hometown. The shopping. The city as a whole. The zoo. So many things that I am sooo in love with. And the overwhelming [at times] sence that, Seattle is where I belong. I know above all that I want to work at a hospital. That I do not want to work in any other place, and that I have found my calling. And a little while after I started working for PeaceHealth, I learned that they were in the process of re-building a hospital in.. yep you guessed it; SEATTLE!! Well, technically The San Jaun Islands, which is just a hop, skip and a jump to seattle [or more along the lines of a ferry ride.. but still.] I cannot wait for them to be done. The projected open date is 2012..and by then I will be ready for the move. Justin and I will have been married just about 3 years, and I know that he will be more than willing to move up there.

3. Children; I have been doing a little research during my shift's about the time that most people take to concieve after having their IUD removed. It is not a very long time after the fact.. usually around 2-4 months. Justin and I have had so many talks about children and have both decided to wait at least a year and half to even begin trying to concieve. But I am having a little bit of a hard time..pushing back that little nagging voice in my head that is whispering baby names; telling me it is okay to just walk through the baby isle at target. lol. I think that having a baby would be such an amazing gift. We have all of our future children already names.
[Kaidence Elyse, Bryce Todd, Kholbie Blake, Tanner Cole or Caleb Cole.] I want a little girl so bad, and I know Justin would love a little boy; I would also. Maybe we will have twins. :]

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