Tuesday, July 28, 2009

simplicity; my bridal shower. <3

my bridal shower; july 25th, 2009.
t'was amazing. :]
cannot believe all of the amazing gifts we recieved.
and all of the amazing people that attended.
they truely are amazing. and i am so blessed.

adjusting my top; darn dress.
woohoo. loved this gift.

people answering questions. :]

the littlest kronberger.

my bestie and i

the mums and i.

my moh. :]

three of thee most beautiful girls i know.
my sisters.

em and i.

kaitlyn and i.

kendal peeking at the gift table.

thee gifts.

the best strawberry dip ever.

the food.
my mom did such an amazing job.

the end.
[of the pictures.]
I had such a fun time with everyone there. Loved hearing all of the stories that people had about me. It is very rare that you hear other members of the family tell funny stories about yourself. I am so blessed with a kind and loving family. My sisters and mom did such a good job on my party. I was really pleased at the way the party turned out and the amount of people that showed up. Tomorrow is my day off, and I shall be writing thank-you cards to everyone. :]

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