Thursday, July 9, 2009


So far I have lived Twenty-three full years.

Twenty-three things I learned in the last twenty-three months.
1) I learned to forget and forgive; Forget the people that don't deserve a spot in your life. And forgive the ones that do.
.2) I learned to always carry at least 3 spare keys on me. As I tend to lock myself out of my car and house frequently.
.3) I learned to never leave home with out a change of clothes, makeup and work shoes; You never know when your going to get called into work. :]
4) I learned Seattle is calling my name; In more than one way.
5) I learned that blood truely is thicker than water; yet sometime it is easier to go with water..
6) I learned my mother is one of the most amazing women in the world.
.7) I learned that I am ok by myself. I don’t need a crowd or agenda to be happy.
8) I learned there will always be war; within family, love, the world. You just have to choose to embrace it.
9) I learned that God is faithful to provide new friends and community. And that even if I am not sure of the path to go down, he will find a way to let me know where I need to be.
10) I learned the hospital is where I need to be.
11) I learned that at some point in your relationship; ex's become people again, and no longer are considered your ex. But just a moment in your past.
12) I learned how to be a better person.
13) I learned that I love Justin. And that he is an amazing man, that will love me for who I am, no matter who I become.
14) I learned that I want to continue to go to school; and continue to move further into the hospital system.
15) I re-learned how to balance work, school, homework, family, love, and friends.
16) I learned that I love children. Working for Christie and John really opened my eyes to new found joys and discomforts of children. And I enjoyed ever moment; especially rocking Dylan and Fynn.
17) I learned that sometimes you have to give in to get ahead.
18) I learned that my life will never make perfect sence; but that it could still be perfect. :]
19) I learned about grace.
20) I learned how to write thank you cards. I always knew how, but since I never wrote them, I’m not sure if that counts or not. There were so many people that made my life possible. I am very grateful. Nothing says grateful on a budget like a thank you card!
21) I learned that I can be happy where God places me-regardless of where that is or how long I will be staying.
22) I learned that I can be someone that people don't always agree with.
23) Overall, I learned new levels of trusting God and being obedient when He calls.

Until the next adventure,

[my birthday was amazing. i could not have asked for a better birthday. justin and i woke up early and went to breakfast, mm; waffle's with strawberries and whipped cream. justin, my aunt shae, alton and gram all went to mexican food for lunch. mhm soo good. then justin and i went and purchased our marriage coming soon. it was such an amazing experience. i am so in love with that man. then after that; kendal justin and i went and i got a piercing. it is called a tragus, it is in my ear, the little shark fin part of it. we went later to my grandmas and ordered my bridesmaid dresses and earlier we had a flower appointment and we got my flowers ordered. we stayed late at my moms. and went to the bar for a birthday drink. all and all my birthday was amazing.]

twenty-three; hmm what do you hold for me?

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