Tuesday, July 21, 2009

monday; always better spent with my justi. <3

this is how we spent our monday. :]
The love of my life and i.

Jake enjoying the river.

Justi and I.

thee only way to maintain
my flip flop

ellis. my princess.

ellie and jake.
entertaining themselves.

yes, ellie's head is underwater.
I am sure jake is saying;
breathe deep el. :]

this picture was snapped
right after jake spent probablly
ten minutes getting a rock out of
the water, just to have ellie push
it right back in.
the look on his face is priceless.
Justi. the dogs in the background.

picking up. :]

ellis crossing the river.

waiting for justin to cross.

telling the dogs to get back. :]

wait for me. :]

this is my backyard.

and this.

love the swimming hole.

the end.

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