Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and the beat goes onnn..

Today; I woke up around 5am..crawled out of bed, while being very careful not to wake my ever so soundly sleeping dog Ellie. Jumped in the shower, got ready for work, kicked the dogs outside [and out of bed around 6:30] and made my way to town, grabbed a coffee at Badoobaz [iced caramel latte; thee only way I survive mornings.] and headed to my wonderful job at the hospital.

Today, from the moment I arrived, I was slammed. I had the randomest phone calls; patients and just all around strange day. I worked until 12:45 and then I met Justin for lunch at The Pink House, he always ends up ordering better food than I do, and it always looks ten times better than mine. And it leaves me wishing I had ordered that, but I am sure not to say anything to him, because he would hand over his and eat mine. We went up to my grandma Pat's to kill time before I had to be back to work at 3:00.

I worked down in the hospital part today from 3:00-5:00, then I came back down to the emergency department and am now working until 9:30. But one of the ladies that is working with me tonight, might have to go home at 9:30, or earlier and so, I would need to cover until 11:30, when the next person was able to come in. Nothing like spending the entire day at the hospital. It really doesn't feel like I have been here all day though.

I am having some issues with Justin. I feel as though he and I agree on something, and then while I am at work, or not there, he does his own thing, or does what he wants to do. I hate that I feel that the decisions we make as a couple are not decisions that stay as a couple and that he does what is going to make him happy right at the moment and not what is best for the relationship in the long run. He is my fiance, and there will be so many more decisions that he and I are going to have to decide on, and if he is just going to agree with me, and then make the decision; what is the point of asking for an opinion in the first place. Why okay anything with someone, if you are just going to do whatever you want in the end. I feel as though he is being disresptful toward me, and above all it hurts my feelings more than anything. I feel like he is not ready to be in this relationship, and lately have been feeling like I am dating someone that is in middle school.

Grr; I need to eat..I think. I am feeling a little grouchy. :]

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