Tuesday, July 6, 2010

birthday wish list. ♥

1. Books
                                                {just got At First Sight}
                                                 & some wine. :)
                                                  ♥ cavewife.

2. A movie date with my hubby.

3. A wine date with my girls;
{which is totally happening the night after my birthday.}

4. A bottle of my favorite wine

5. Personalized Stationary.

6. A new wedding ring

7. A new cell phone.
{verizon ally}

8. A bike that I could ride around town.

9. A birthday card from my hubby

10.  Flowers;

just to name a few. I would be perfectly happy
with just a birthday card. but those are just a
few of the things that would make me extra happy.
Just having it be the day that I was born, a whole
twenty-four hours about me..is enough. :)



  1. I have a copy of the pact. I can totally send it to you if you'd like!


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