Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Weekend Wrap-Up}


After having a bunch of people
over for my birthday the night
before, we decided to just keep
the BBQ, beer drinking fun going.
We had a bunch more people come
over. It was so much fun, we BBQed
hamburgers and hot dogs. I got
a little wild and crazy, was drinking
vodka red bull, and chasing it with wine..
straight from the bottle.
classy. i know.
{I have a story from that night, that
I will post at the bottom. :) It's great}


My Great-Grandma had her 87th birthday party.
J and I went out there with the rest of the fam.
It was pretty fun. We didn't stay that long, because
we had plans to meet up with one of J's friends and
his girlfriend, and we all went swimming. It was so
much fun! I wish I were smaller, I would swim all the time.
But when we are out at the river, I really don't care,
the lake is a different story. :)

After swimming & the birthday, we went to the rodeo.
It was a lot of fun. A little drama, as there always is,
when all four of us Kronberger girls get together. :)
Rowdy Rowdy. Here are some pictures;


Justin and I lounged on the couch and watched movies.
We then went swimming with a group of friends.
And bbqed at my mom's. It was such a relaxing fun till weekend.
I really has a blast. I cannot wait for this coming weekend.

July's in Cottage Grove are completely action packed.
The weekend we just had was the rodeo, this coming
weekend is Bohemia Mining days, the weekend after
that is the car cruise, and camping. I am so excited.

I have some of the best friends, and I am actually
not regretting any of my decisions to remove people
from my life, Justin is kinda upset, but really, when I make
a friend, I expect that person to be a friend.

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