Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll be seeing you..

Due to policies at my place of employment;
I will not be blogging until I get
my computer and internet
set up at home.

I will miss you all.
If you want to get ahold of me.

Please feel free to text me, or email me.

I will try to update as much as possible.

Justin and I are still not back together.
We havn't talked that much.
School is going amazingly.
I am loving it.
I have a four day weekend starting tomorrow
I am so freaking excited. I plan on tanning,
and lounging, and spending time with my dogs.

and homework. :)

With Love,


  1. Love to you girl... Have a great time... and remember we love you.... xoxoxo

  2. We'll be waiting for whenever you can!



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