Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Justin and I went fishing down
at the ponds. It was a lot of fun.
We had our nephew with us,
they all caught fish, while I roasted
marshmellows, and sat by the fire.


Justin and I spent the
day dinking around the house.
We spent some time at my
parents house. I had to work
on Sunday and didn't want to go
out and spend a bunch of money,
so we had people over.
We had a lot of leftover alcohol
around the house, so we all
got a little drunk. It was really fun.
We had some new friends over,
I am loving meeting new people.


I worked til 1:30, and went home, packed a bag
& hurried to the coast. Our friend from Idaho was
visiting, and he had brought his new wife & daughter.
It was so much fun! We played on the beach,
went fishing off the jetty, walked around the shops,
then we waited for the fireworks to start.
We watched a huge firework show, the only down
fall was that it was freezing & so J and I went 
to this little diner right on the dock, and got some
of the most delish clam chowder IN THE WORLD.
We stayed the night in a fabulous hotel room, jacuzzi tub
big enough for two, drank wine, slept late.


Went and walked on the beach some more. 
Bought some delish smoked salmon.
Walked through some more shops, 
then drove up the coast and home. 
Once we got back into town, I put 
on pj's, and lounged on the couch watching
tv/movies the rest of the night. 
Mr. Fisherman went with his friends fishing,
that man is addicted to fishing. :) 

Today, I am at work until 3:15, and I have an appointment with Kara to put some toner on my hair, and get it lightened up. I am really excited. MY birthday is coming up, my hair will be looking amazing. I am going to be having a girls night out at a wine bar, I am going to a birthday party for me & my grandma on Saturday. And it is my weekend off & pay day. ;) I am having a pretty good week. :)

Well, I am off to go read blogs. ♥ Also, look for Fourth of July pictures coming tomorrow, since I left my camera at home. :)

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