Wednesday, July 7, 2010

choosing the road less traveled.

Today, I feel like I am moving in slow motion.
I am not sure why. But I feel extremely nervous.
I feel like I need to go in for a pap every week, just
to make sure the cells on my cervix's haven't changed,
or grown into something more, or turned worse.

I am to the point in my life, where I am living for me.
I have a group of friends, that would go to the end
of the world for me, and for them I would do everything
in my power to make their life better for them. But
a few of my friends do not seem present in my life.
I feel like they have forgotten me. I do not get along
with one of their friends, and ever since that moment,
things have changed. I still love this person, but I do not
have time to chase a friendship.

My birthday is TOMORROW. And I am pretty excited.
We are having a big BBQ at the house, we haven't really
ever had a lot of friends and family over to our house since we
moved there. I am hoping that it goes really well. I am going to
do, hamburgers, brats and hot dogs, fruit salad, a birthday cake, potato salad,
chips and dip, maybe a veggie tray, or something else. I am not sure. :)
I have never really planned a BBQ all by myself, at my house.

I am searching craigslist for a coffee table so that I can have my dining room
table back. :) Currently, I have my kitchen table in my living room, with
my TV sitting on it. Classy. I know. So, for now..I am searching..

Well, found some cute ones, hopefully I am able to get them.
I really want to look like I am not WT with my tv on
my kitchen table. lol. But I guess if push comes to shove. I will just move
the tv to the bedroom, and not have anything on the walls. :)

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  1. Sorry to hear that your having issues w one of your friends...I am sure she loves you n is having a hard time w things too even if it doesn't are a good friend n have stood up when no one else would...

    Think of it this way that even though your not together everyday when you are together you will have tons to talk bout..

    Happy birthday tomorrow..hope its filled w great happiness laughs n well lots of wine...


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