Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a little bit of this. a little bit of that. ♥

What piercings/tattoos do you have?
I have quiet a bit of piercing. Four in each ear.
My belly button, and one other. ;)

What were you doing at 8pm last night?
Hanging out with my mother.

You're at Starbucks. What are you about to order?
Grande Caramel Frap.

Who was the last person you held hands with?
Justin. ♥

Do you know how to use chopsticks?

Who will/who did you first talk to about the first time you had sex?
Uh, probablly someone that I was friends with in high school.

What do you think of people who paint their nails black?
nothing. I sometimes have black tips.

The last time you kissed someone?
last night.♥

Is there one song that you know all the lyrics to?
I know all the lyrics to lots of songs.

Are you good at painting your own nails?
not really. i never paint my nails.

How many dresses do you own?
Besides my wedding dress,
uh, none.

Does anyone currently hate you for no reason?
Oh sure. But it is not for no reason.

Do you care how you dress?
I really try hard to dress nicely.

Have you ever cheated on/cheated with someone?
cheated. been cheated on. cheated with someone.
not proud of it. but it happens.

Are you a perfectionist?
Anything but. I don't have time for that :)

For what could you use some self-discipline?

When's the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
Hmm, I am not sure.

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