Monday, July 19, 2010



Once I got off work,
V, my sisters and I went down
to BMD, it was really stupid.
As much as I love seeing people
that I don't really like, it was still
nice to get out of the house.
A bunch of us went back to my
house and had a wild and crazy


I hung out at my parents,
went swimming with the girls
& Meg and her fam.
Then I headed home around eight
and crashed out on my couch with the dogs.


Worked til 3:30, went home
and laid on my couch til seven something.
Went outside, picked up
of beer cans and bottles.
Honestly people--why do you throw
your cans into my yard? Especially
when there is a garbage can for cans
right outside the door. Grr.
I went to bed early.

I am pretty lame, especially when J
is not here. I miss having things to do.
I miss having someone to lay
on the couch and veg with. I hate
that he and I are talking, but that
we are not hanging out.
I just want to be us again. :(

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  1. I hope things get better for you hun! :)


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