Tuesday, May 4, 2010

chocolate muffin w/ cream cheese && my bestie--cavewife.

this is all I have been thinking
about the entire day.
Chocolate cupcake with cream cheese
f  i  l  l  i  n  g
{could someone..uh..bake me some & bring them to me..?!?!}

So I have not had time today to write out a post. Or well
I guess I have, kinda. I just haven't really wanted to.
I am tired. Like really tired. Justin and I went to bed
at eight last night, yes..it was still daylight out. But
we both left our house for work before four in the
morning. So I had dinner done, before he got home,
we ate and went straight to bed.

We had yummy beer brats, with mustard and onions.
So good. Neither of us really ate that much, and so we
have quite a bit left over for tonight, I am not sure what
to do with the left overs tonight. I doubt he will want
the brats on a bun again tonight. I am going to scour the internet
for a good recipe. :)

Okay--to the task at hand--

How I met: Cavewife. {my best friend}

Memorial Weekend 2009

J and I got an invitation to go camping with some friends in the wood above CG, so we loaded up the car with our camping gear, and headed out there. And what we thought was just going to be another couple turned out to be four other couples, and 3 kids. It was such a fun weekend. A&A were among the couples that were there. She and I hit it off instantly, and talked about everything and everything.

After that weekend, we just kept talking, I had given her my numver when we left, and then we started to hang out together. She helped me plan wedding stuff, and quickly became my best friend.

She and I now talk everyday, pretty much all day long, and if her phone doesn't go off, she wonders if it is broken. :) We have eachother facebooks status's sent right to our phones. I really love her.  She has been there for me through so many things, I have told her many many secrets, and never once has she betrayed me. {even if she did let the whore into her house--i still love her..because she lysoled. :)}

I really think she needs her own blog--because you would all love her. Oh & she makes the best food ever, has a cute kid, and sometimes hates her husband as much as I dislike mine at times. :)

{If you havn't played it- buy it. You will absolutly love it. It is funny, and fun, I spend most of the time playing laughing so hard.}


  1. OH you made my eyes water!!!! I love my Shelby love!!!!!
    it's funny how quickly we hit it off, and how we have so much in common!!! I am forever glad that we did and that we have so much fun together.
    My kid is way cute!!! And you know you love her!!!
    As for husbands..we love them and then we hate them..that the cycle of crazyness they drive us too!!! I would say they drive us to drink but hell we would drink just for fun!! Hint Slushies!!
    I am your friend and I will always be loyal..even when I let the nasty thing in my house..(in my defense I did insult her the whole time she was here..lol).

    OMG we haven't played Redneck Wii in so so long!!!

    Love you my SHelby love and glad your my BESTIE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Missing my bestie!!!


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