Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outside my window.

As always: Abbs does this & I love it.
You should too. Just be sure to link back
to her & leave a comment so she can check
out your answers also.
Ohhh soo close to frrrridaaaay.

Outside my window..the sun is shining..for now. :)
The time is..almost 1:35.

Today I feel..happy that Ellie gets to come home today & that she isn't still majorly sick.

I am thinking..I would like to know the test results, but not have to actually have the test done.

At the moment, I am thankful..for an amazing husband, that stands beside me, no matter what & best friends that are there for me no matter what & three amazing sisters that offer to do anything.

I am clean the house tonight

I am scrubs, black tank with a white sweater, and white sneakers.

I wish..I didn't have a vet bill to pay.

I am reading..nothing. But I do have a book on the way in the mail. You HAVE got to go here & check it out. &&& You could totally get some awesome free books. :)

I am working on..getting caught up on my blog reading.

I am relax with the hubbs tonight & that Ellie will continue to get better.

I am hearing..people talking loudly.

Around the house..needs some major work.

I bet you didn't know..that I am watching some stupid tv show.
One of my favorite..things in the whole world is--Ellie

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