Monday, May 3, 2010

rocking a 13.5 hr shift & {WEEKEND WRAP-UP}

Yesterday, I got a call from work asking if I could come into work a little early. I said "Yeah, sure. What time do you want me there?" They said- 3. In the morning-- Uhhh yeahhh! About that. I really wanted to say--actually I have plans at three- I am going to be sleeping! But I am a GREAT employee, and said "Okkkkay, see you then." And now, here I am, rocking a 13.5 hours. Oh yeah--that is going to suuuuck. But perk of living in the city--24 hour coffee. So I defffffinatly have a coffee right now. Hopefully today goes good, and we are really slow, cause I am thinking that we are going to be short handed, which I am not okay with. I really want us to have a full staff again, I hate having to pick up the slack of someone else. I love my job, I really do, that's why I say yes, and roll out of bed at 1-something to get ready.

Alright--I totally plan on doing a weekend wrap-up, but J and I really didn't do much--so I will just do it in this post.. :)

We hung out at home when I got off work.
Rented some movies.
& hung out over taquitos.

I worked.
Had people up for Mexican Night
[which I took no pictures of]
and we ate sommme good nacho's
& cavewife made some
yummy smelling food, which
i didn't even try. :(

We hung out in the morning.
Went to my parents.
Watched my dad build on their deck.
Went to the old house & cleaned on it.
Came home & went to bed.
Oh & we ate left over nacho's for breakfast & dinner.

What did you do this weekend?!


  1. Nachos..... Yum... Perfect way to spend weekend..

    My weekend just flew by and i don't know why! Watched my team playing in the on going T20 Cricket World Cup and some WWE. Blogged.. Chatted with my new bloggy friend Niks. Studied.

    That's it. xo

  2. My weekend was Saturday morning watching my daughter kick butt at Soccer and then home to relax and cook. I made a very very yummy Chile Verde that my bestie gave a very strange look too. However her sister ate it and said it was yummy!! I love nacho's or for that fact anything Mexican!!!!


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