Thursday, May 20, 2010

Truthful Thursday

I have some things going on in my life
right now, that I want to share with
the world, but I am not quite ready to.
Mostly because I do not know the
seriousness of what is going on,
if it is something major or if it nothing.
I go into the Dr again on Tuesday
and then after that I have a bunch more
appointments scheduled, so we will
see how things go. Until then..
I am going to do a little

My house needs cleaned so bad. I would be embarassed if anyone came over.
{not as bad as my old house though}

I don't floss my teeth. I know I should but I never remember.

I use Justin's deoderant, a lot.

I don't wash my sheets as much as I should with three dogs & two humans sleeping in them.

I am no longer sure if I want kids.

I really want to lay in bed the entire weekend and not set up my house.

I would really like to go back to high school.

I love pens, I always steal pens if it writes really nice.

Alrighty, I am going to do the outside my window post now. :)


  1. I should do something like this... :)

  2. Oh my dear... i am a bit nervous about the way you have begun this post... i hope that things aren't scary..... hugs to you

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you have stuff going on. If you need to talk, I'm always here for you.

    Also, I probably floss my teeth once every three months. I know it's probably gross but dude, who remembers that kind of stuff?


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