Saturday, May 1, 2010

& that's you that I like best.

I want a picture with J like this.
Bad. Really bad. The whole day
All I have been doing, beside working
has been looking at this & dreaming
about getting new pictures taken of
J and I. I need new pictures. I want
new pictures. I need another job
before I even try to put extra expenses
into my life. :)

Until then, I am dreaming.
I am at work until 3:30 & then
food & drinks with friends.

Love, Mrs. Holland


  1. That is a lovely picture Shelby. I can imagine why you want one taken like that so bad.....

    All the best for that. :-)

    And when you take them, remember we are waiting to catch a glimpse.

  2. Super in love this this I want one too! :)

  3. If you got get professional pictures go get them done at Sears. Ask for Tracy Cooper..she does the best pictures1!


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