Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, I think Katie is pretty awesome.
You should go over to her blog and 
check her out.

What, if anything, makes you jealous?
skinny girls. I want to wake up
one morning & be skinny. No more
overlap on my jeans & a flat stomach.
without having to work out or diet.
I could stand to loose 80-90 lbs.
& that is going to be a lot of work.

What do you most like in a person?
I like people that are real. And if they have something
to say to you, they say it to your face, and not behind
my back. People that like to have a good time.

What do you most dislike in a person?
People who don't stand up for what they believe in.
Or jump on board because everyone else is.
Be yourself!

What do you most dislike and like in a friend?
When they play both sides of the fence.
You either like me or you don't.

You can change five things about your life right now - or make five things definitely happen in the future. They are?
1. I would get the wedding ring that I want.
2. Justin and I would be able to get a new truck, before hunting season.
3. That I will do well in school & find the time to make everything happen.
4. To get on a stricter diet.
5. To become better friends with my sisters.

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  1. I have tagged you in another meme :)


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