Monday, May 17, 2010


Justin got paid.
We bought him new work stuff.
$400 right off the top for him.
Then we went to Olive Garden
for dinner, and drank wine, and
salad and breadsticks til I thought
I would burst, and then our meal came.
More wine for me, and we both
ended up taking our entire meal home
in a to-go box. :)

Justin had the day off.
We took Jake to the vet
bright and early, and he
seems to be perfectly fine now.
We hung out with my sister
Emeli & went to dinner with the in-laws.
We went home early, and watched movies
and went to bed.

We woke up early.
Adventure bound.
We were going to either
go to the coast, Bend or Portland.
I really wanted to go to Portland.
Justin really wanted to go to the coast.
We went to Bend.
It was amazing.
We got coffee, walked around all the shops.
Got caramel apples.
Drove all through Bend, and came back home
through Lapine. Went to a Fish Hatchery.
Stopped at a waterfall on the way up.
It was such and amazing day!

Justin and I got up early again.
Went to breakfast at the in-laws.
Then J & I went to A&A. The boys
went fishing & the girls went shopping.
Cavewife & I went to lunch, and did a ton of
shopping. I mean a ton. I bought so much stuff.
7 pairs of undies. 2 t-shirts. 1 cardigan.
1 zip up sweater. 1 pair of jeans [which were 5.99]
1 pair of pj pants. 1 pair of shoes.
3 shirts for J.

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  1. Shopping was great!!! And loved lunch. So miss Olive Garden!!! We need to do this again..sooner than late,..


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