Thursday, May 6, 2010

You will be getting THREE for one.

I slacked yesterday-- & didn't do a post about people that I love. :) Today, I am going to do four for one. Hope you enjoy. Oh & blogger is hating me, and I don't have a way to change my font over.. soo I guess we are stuck with this ugliness.

Actually- I was going to post--but I am not. I am going to find a way to -whoooooa. I am so smart. I fixed it.
{I had it on html and not compose..whoops}

Okay- back to the task at hand--THREE PEOPLE I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT. {& how I met them} 

Eho, Tater-tot, & Brea

 I met them all before they were born. My mum and dad had these bright ideas after I was born to have mutliple kids, since I was soo cute & such a great kid. Little did they know I would be thhhhheee best. :)


  1. Awwww.... Shelby. This is such a beautiful post. LOved it.....

  2. You have great. sisters


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