Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shopping for Hunting season.

These are all things- I will hope to add to my closet, before hunting season. I would actually love to lose my weight, so that I buy smaller clothes, rather than the size, I am rocking now. :) I am just excited to get over there and get hunting. :) The only thing that is going to kinda stink, is that I will be right in the middle of a term of school, so I am going to spend a lot of time driving back and forth & it is an eight hour drive between here and where we hunt. But I will just take one whole week as vacation from work & school, and hunt it out as hard as I can over there, and then go over the following weekend leaving on Thursday night after class and hauling butt over there, and then hunting all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And hauling butt back to be at school on Monday.

Man I am pumped up. I cannot wait. J and I are planning a trip over there soon, to scout, and look for sheds. I love that area, and would one day love to move over there. :)

yay. More to come later. I am at work until I am sure I will post all day long. :)


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