Friday, May 28, 2010

One year of Alicia bringing out the worst in me..♥

{this picture is from the redneck party we had--we don't dress that way normally.}

One year ago, this weekend--I met one
of my best friends. She is amazing &
has been there for me so much in the short
time that she and I have known eachother.
I just figured I would write a post for her.
Mostly cause I love her and it is our
One Year anniversary this weekend
&& her hookerface will be out of town
at a wedding & I will be cooking for Ellie. :)
But we have a date to go to dinner sometime
next week, which I am pretty thrilled about. :)

So here are some of my favvvvorite pictures.

{note: he was not drinking}
this is my favorite picture of J and I.
Cavewife took it, one night at the bar.
lol. :)


  1. your bestie Alicia looks like a great girl!! Love the photos. Looks like you two have a ton of fun together. I have a best friend just like this. She is fun to hang with, makes me smile and loves me on the days that I am in a people hating mood! Feeling very lucky to have her in my life. Your blogs keep getting better and better since the beginin..make me want to have one..almost anyway. Always remember to enjoy all the time you have with your bestie cause summer is coming and eveyone always gets busy in the summer!!!

  2. Ahh...this post is adorable! :)

    by the way...still not getting your updates?! Makes me sad....I'm missing sooooooo much! :(:(:(


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