Friday, May 7, 2010

future kids names.. :) :) :)

Found this here; thought it was awesome; Show us Your Life-Baby Names
Hop on over to Kelly's today for Show us Your life-Children's names or Future Baby Names.

I have a couple...


Kaidence Elyse or Kaidence Breanne
I have always loved this name. ALWAYS! When Justin and I first got together, he and I were talking about future kids names and he told me " I won't be able to marry you unless I get to name of our babies a certain name." And I said "Okay, that's fine, but I have to be able to name a baby a certain name also." I then asked what the name was & he said--Kaidence. Except, he wants to spell it with a C, but I am not backing down, I have always spelled it with a K. :) Also it holds parts of all my sisters names- Kai for Kaitlyn, Brea for Kendal Brea and Anne for Emeli Anne.

Kholbi Blake
I love the name Kholbi, I think it is just adorable. :) I love little girls with boy type names. :)

Collins Christine
I love this name. It makes me so happy. :) And it has part of Justin's sisters name in it also--Christine.


Sawyer Jackson
I like it just because we could call him SJ, yeaaa I stole it from The Blind Side, but I would love to have a little boy and call him SJ, because ShelbyJustin. :) Justin thinks the name Sawyer is ridiculous & will more than likely veto this option. :) Hater.

Caleb Todd
This is the best name ever! I love Caleb. And Todd is my dad's name.

Tanner Cole
This is a classic little boy name, and Justin loves it. :)

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  1. Kaidence is a beautiful name..... I have already decided on my girl's name when i was in my high school.... this is so much fun....

  2. I love your unique names! very pretty (oh but beware you may change your minds, lol) I know I sure did when we became pregnant!


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