Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Confessions && a survey to kill the time.

I rocked a headache from Friday afternoon, until Saturday night, over my right eye, horrible pain, took eight excedrin migraine, and it still didn't touch it, even put my facebook status as-- Dear Headache- Go away before I'm forced to drown you with a fifth of blueberry vodka! I am serious! xoxo- the person you are pissing off. I started drinking last night, and my headache went away. :)

I was almost an hour late to ork today. Oh yea, I was that girl. I started new medicine, and it pretty much knocks me flat in the dirt, and I took it way late. I learned my lesson, never again. Rolled into work about 7:55am {supposed to be here @ 7:00} wearing non-matching scrubs, my hair in a sloppy bun, no make up on, except for the little bit left over from last night, and a pouf in the front. Oh yea..I am that girl. :)

I have a full coffee that Justin brought me into work, that I have not even taken a drink out of. Good thing it is an iced. I just am not in the mood for coffee. But I know I will end up drinking it, I have just had like 3 cups of hospital coffee {which tastes like ass} & I am not ready for actual good coffee yet. {&& I have to pee something fierce.}

I start school in like 57 days, and I am really kinda scared, a mean..really a lot scared actually. I do not really know how I am going to manage to do homework & work full time & go to school full time, but I guess I will see how it goes. I know it is something that I need to do. I just need to really manage my time, and reevaluate how my life is ran. :) And buy stock in coffee. :)

I have had nothing but ankle pains, rashes and sore throats today at work, usually there is a large mixture of people coming in, but the last three have been ankle pain. Strange. Very strange. I guess it is because the weather is getting nicer and more people are spending time outside. :)

When I haven't been busy, I have been watching Grey's Anatomy, I have missed a whole bunch of episodes & Hulu plays the last five, which awesome for me. :) And I am going to also watch the last 5 episodes of Private Practice, which I equally love, sometimes more than Grey's.

I am eating the most amazing looking donut. White frosting type stuff, and sprinking all over it. Yum. So bad for me. But what the hell.. I am not really concerned. :)

Now--time for the survey-----------


  1. I missed you today...when y.ou start school I will buy you coffee as a 'so proud of you' gift!!!

  2. Ilove your blogs!!! and sorry but really wranglers in every color..just read that funny!!! Missed you this weeeknd!!!


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