Friday, May 28, 2010

Ellie is home & eating like a queen.

Ellie is on a diet..of human food. High protein, no grease. So that means that I am cooking Ellie food twice a day. Last night she had 5 eggs and half a can of wet dog food and four pieces of lunch meat that were wrapped around pills. This morning she had the same thing. That dog..I say..I don't even cook breakfast for myself, and now I am cooking for her.

Ellie can have; plus other things, but this is a lot of what the vet recommended. :)
I just hope that she continues to get better, she is on some pretty potent antibodiots to try and kill the infection the rest of the way, and on pain pills. And she actually walked into the house last night on her own, and went outside, she gets tired really easy though, so I was helping her along last night. :)
Sorry that all I have been writing about is Ellie, but she really is all that I have been thinking about, so bare with me. I will get over this little obsessive moment in my life, and we can move past this. All my love, lovlies. :)


  1. I am so glad she is doing good Shelby,.... wow!!! HUgs to you... you must be feeling so relieved,,,,

  2. Awww glad she is doing better! :)

  3. How about I come over and let you cook for me too :)


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