Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to Know me {sunday}

Welp; I am bored- Hense the reason for the million post--
I love these little getting to know you question things.
Keely always does it, so here gooooes. :)

1. If a person has a booger in their nose. and you can see it, do you tell them?

Yes, I would want to know if I had a booger hanging out of my nose. :)

2. What are you passionate about?
My family. I love them.
3. How long have you been blogging?
Almost two years. ;)

4. What is your favorite "summer" drink?
Strawberry lemonade.

5. What is your favorite type of music?

6. Something I do before I go to bed is......?
Lock the doors, Make J's lunch, Turn off the lights, set the alarm, turn on a movie, turn off a movie, snuggle up to Ellie, go to sleep. ;)

7. My Summer vacation plans are...?
Get in shape for hunting season.

8. My favorite must have, can't live without, beauty product is?
All my mary-key stuff, and my curling iron. I love that thing. :)

Join the fun!

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