Thursday, June 10, 2010

You wanna read something AWESOME?!

She writes all truth & no fiction. She is raw, and awesome, and I AM IN LOVE! She is just starting out on this blog, but I am willing to bet it turns into something amazing. I am so ready to go through this journey with her, and I don't mind admitting that I may stalk this blog. :)

Please, Please, PLEASE go check her out. I am sure you will L-O-V-E her. ♥

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  1. Oh! I'm totally going to check it out. I love being a creep.

    Also, I have the best story to tell you. I think you'll be the only person who will understand how hilarious this is. My teaching program decided to go out for drinks last night to celebrate our last class of the quarter and our usual hang out was closed for whatever reason so we ended up in the TACKIEST bar on earth. Like, they had HUGE blow-up palm trees and just so so tacky. Anyways, here we are all dressed in our teacher clothes, surrounded by tacky decorations. And the only person who gets hit on the ENTIRE night was the ONE guy we were with!

    Anyways, I thought you'd like that one.

    Have a great day darling :)


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