Tuesday, June 22, 2010

there is something wrong with me.

When I get an idea in my head, such as the fact that I want a new computer & a new purse, that is the only thing I think about.

Personally; I think I need BOTH.

{that I intend to use on J}

1. July 19th, 2010..I start school. Full time.
2. If I don't have a computer then how will I write my papers?
3. It's adorable. I looove white laptops. I want it.
4. I work full time. It's MY mostly money.
5. I've never gone to school full time. I deserve it.
6. A Dooney & Bourke, is an investment. They don't lose value.
7. It is multi-functional--laptop carrier, book carrier, note pad carrier.
8. I need it.
9. It's a really pretty color.
{which is my numero uno selling point--once he has rolled his eyes at me for our wholllle converstation, and I have almost convinced that I am indeed crazy, butttt--that whole "5 Easy Payments"..that is going to be the HOOK. LINE. SINKER. {fiiiiishh onnn!} My hubby does NOT like to spend a whole lot of money all at once, sooo if we are spending a little about of money, that adds up to a whole lot of money, it won't seem as painful to him.}

May I plllllease have the laptop && the purse?
And if you really think that you MUST embarass me
and make me carry a backpack to school..I will.
BUT I will only do it, if said backpack is carrying
my brand new computer. {that is so freaken cute}

Love, your ever giving {& not recieving} wife. ♥


  1. LOL. I carry a backpack! Hahaha... It's obnoxious and big and ugly, but I couldn't find another bag I liked better... It's good for my computer though... Yeah, Dooney and Bourke is an investment! That's how my friend Terisa convinced me to buy a Coach purse and wallet and 2 pairs of high heels from Cole Haan. It's a work investment she says... Lol.

  2. I do the same thing! i'm going to be broke for the rest of my life because I can justify any purchase! lol


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