Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{WEEKEND WRAP UP} & update on Ellis.

Hubby & I met up with the in-laws
& had yummmmy mexican food.
We then met up with my cousins,
E-Ho and some of SIL friends at a local
 bar for drinks, where I had thee
best blueberry cosmo,
of my ENTIRE life.
Seriously--I have been on this blueberry
kick, lately and that cosmo, was way

We woke up early and picked up the
house, did some laundry, and dishes,
made our house presentable.
We went to hang out with the in-laws,
J & E went to look at a gun, and dink around
and Mil, Christina, and Madi and I went to
get pedicures, which was absolutely
r   e   l   a  x   i   n   g
then, we went and seen Kendal off
to the prom, and the little girls
were in awwh of how pretty Kendal
was all dolled up in her dress.
We bbqed steaks at M&E's, and
watched the UFC fights with a group of
people. Which was way fun. :)

We left about seven in the morning
to go over to Wikiup to go fishing,
we took the boat over and met up
with J's nephew G, who had been
camping over there. We took a ton of
pictures, and really had a fun day out on
the boat with everyone.
We had pizza, and relaxed and went home
fairly early.
{I will do another post with all the pictures, I don't want to make this too long.}


J and I met M & the kids for breakfast,
and I had the best food, we went
over to the mall, and looked for a movie
to watch, but the one that they wanted
to see wasn't playing until later in the month.
We also went and looked at furniture
I had to work at 5, so we had lunch and I headed
home to get ready for work, worked til
9:30, and then crashed out when I got home.

Ellie update: The swelling is completely out of that back leg, she is toe-touching still, but she is not putting any pressure on the leg yet. She has another appointment on Thursday to see if she needs to get more medicine, or if she is healed. I would like to see her putting all of her weight on that back leg before we take her off of her meds. She has only been on antibiotics, and pain pills, no anti-inflammatory, which I really didn't want, I wanted to be able to see how much the swelling had gone down, with the meds. And she has her appetite back, she is eating really good. I am still cooking her eggs, and cheese, and other things, she loves it, but I am just starting to mix more dog food in with her eggs. Never in my life had I ever bought a 5-dozen egg thing, but I just did, and I have used a lot of them. :) J and I def. need to start eating more eggs. :)

  Alrighty..look for the post of our day at Wikiup. :)

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  1. What an awesome weekend! Wish I was on the water! :)


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