Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hmm, I do not feel so good. :-/

So, my stomach is..topsy-turvey. I feel so sick to my stomach. Blahh. Hopefully it will go away. I just ate some breakfast, and I am on my third cup of coffee, so hopefully it will calm down a little. So as I said in my weekend wrap up, here is the rest of my Sunday & Monday. :)

Got off work, after a
very long day, with lots
of crazy patients.
Went home, changed clothes,
ran to Wal*Mart and got some dog food,
then J took me to dinner, and
then we went to see
"She's out of your league"
Very funny! I loved it.
Then we went to redbox, got movies and
McFlurries, which were way yummy.
And headed home to veg on the couch for the
rest of the night. It was pretty awesome.

J had to work. and I didn't.
I slept til 10:30, and dinked
around the house, kinda swept
up and picked up the weekend mess.
Then I went to school to give them
my SSN card to make a copy, make a loan
payment {kinda strange since I havn't even
started school yet. :)}
And then I got a phone call.
A rather awesome phone call, that I am not
going to say where it was from, or what it
is about. But it has the oppurtunity to be
pretty awesome, and I would be extremely
happy about. ;) I will know by Friday, and
you more than likely will also!

Today..I lost my keys. Found my keys. Lost my cell phone. Found my cell phone. And almost locked myself out of the house, when I left my keys on the counter. Blahh. What is going on with me? I totally have my head in the clouds! It is not good. Mostly because all I can think about is this weekend! Yes, It is Tuesday, but it's already almost 11:00 am on Tuesday, which means we are that much closer to Wednesday--which is sooo much closer to the weekend. OMG! I am so excited. We booked our room for the rodeo. It is such a wild rodeo, with huge parties, and drinking, and I am just soo excited. Kendal is going to go with us, and drive us. I am excited for her to go. I think she will have a blast. I wish she was 21, but then I wouldn't have a dd. :) Either way it is going to be aweeeesome!

Hmm. Alrighty. I am going to go read some blogs, and leave some comments. Love.

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