Sunday, April 11, 2010

Abby's Give-away & Weekend Wind Up. ♥

One of my favorite blogs- Murdock's Mama {abby} is having a giveaway- Looove a good giveaway. :) So go there- checccck her out & do it. :)

Also from her blog- The WEEKEND WINDUP. :)

1. We went to my parents house for dinner.
2. E-ho, J and I went to VRC and went jean shopping for E.
3. E-ho made some delic lasagna.
4. We watched logging shows til 11 with my mom and dad.


1. J went to work with my dad, to help him change oil and things
on my dad's piece of equipment, and to see where my dad was working.
2. I stayed home and slept in, and hung out with my ellie girl
3. At 11, the phone rang and it was work asking if I could work at 3:00
I am a lover of overtime, so I said yes, even if I didn't want to go.
4. I worked til 11:30 and then J and I went home and watched a movie.


1. I had been scheduled to work today from 7-3:30, but a co-worker was kind
enough to switch with me so that I had longer that 6.5 hours between shifts. :)
So I am here from 11:30 to 8:00 tonight.
2. Justin is up in the woods with A&A checking on Mr. Cavewifes trail cams.
to see if they can't see any deer/beer/elk that have been roaming around there.
3. I am off tomorrow..but J has to work so we will probablly have a pretty mellow
night tonight. Maybe we will play a game with The Cave Family. :)

How did you weekend go?!?!


  1. My week ends are usually the same... But yesterday was good coz i laughed a lot and i enjoyed it....

  2. My weekend was pretty good, sounds like yours was too! im a new follower :)


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