Thursday, April 29, 2010

outside my window.

Outside my's blocked by some poles, I can't see a window from where I am sitting.

The time is..almost 1pm

Today I feel..stressed. I really need an extra 500 hundred to fall into my lap.

I am thinking..please have enough money to pay our first month of house payments on time, we will have more than enough on the 15th, but the first is not at all when we will have any money.

At the moment, I am thankful..that Justin and I are both working.

I am hope & pray that we have enough money to get through.

I am wearing..scrubs & uggs.

I wish..someone would loan me $500

I am reading..a jodi book.

I am working on..not stressing.

I am be unstressed by the weekend.

I am hearing..people talking.

Around the house..needs cleaning.

I bet you didn't know..I have been snacking on honey almonds all day.

One of my favorite..peoples will be at my house this weekend.

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  1. I love this fill up of yours, i enjoy it every single time. This time though, there are some troubles and i sincerely wish that you get through them. Love you Shelby. Smile :-)


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