Saturday, April 10, 2010

I need to get a life &

slap my biological clock in the face- seriously hussy; quit clicking so loudly, quit making me weak in the knees when I see babies, quit making me cry when I hear someone is pregnant, and quit making me fight with my husband who says we just aren't quite ready for a baby..even when he is completely right. Just STOP!

Justin and I have been talking about how excited we are to move into a new house & decorate it, and get everything all moved when we actually get the house, and then how exciting it will be to save up the rest of the money to purchase a new car & just how great life is going to be, once we get out of the house we are in now. And I know that in August, we will be married a year, and then we will be home free on our agreement to eachother, that we would wait a year to get pregnant after getting married. Butttt- My body, mind, heart, whatever your biological clock is- is ticking. And it is making me crazy. I see babies, bouncing, adorable babies, dressed in adorable clothes, and cooing and all I want is my own baby. A baby made up of J and I, blond hair & blue eyes, and smiles.

Last night Justin said- "Fine, just get your damn IUD out and let's start." That's when I kinda checked myself, and realized..I have been making to much of a deal about this, and it was now time to blog it out. Get these thoughts out & onto paper {ergh-kinda}, it helps so much to talk about it, and get it out of my system. I know that right now, even though technically you are pregnant for nine months, and that it would be Janurary before we ever had the baby & we could be moved into another house & have a new car. Who knows, really. I just need to let it flow, til August & then see where we are sitting. :)

Oh & I got called into work today and I didn't eat before I left and now I am starving and  then my mom comes to the rescue- yay. :)

Alright- I just found out some news that I am none to happy about- the whore that tried to ruin my marriage is going to be at my best friends house- wtf?! Honestly-  I would never let someone that tried to ruin her marriage within a hundred feet of my house, let alone, when I knew her husband was going to be there. Like J was going to be. This POS tried extremely hard to ruin my marriage and came damn close to it, and still, there is no loyality? I am pissed.


  1. Shelby
    Know how you feel re babies.

    Hang in there - so much good stuff in your life at the moment.

    SSG xxx

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I hate blogging about real life crap but I figured if I'm going to talk about all the good moments, I might as well talk about the bad.

    Also, I'm trying to make it so you can just email me when I comment but I can't figure out how! I'm so blogspot impaired. But I'm working on it just for you lastname twin!

  3. I hear you about the ho-bag. What's up with that. She should be banned FOREVER!


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