Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up [on a tuesday] :) :) :)

* I know I should have done this yesterday--
but I didn't work yesterday soooo I am doing it today.

Got home from work early.
J was exhausted and went to around 6:30pm.
I was not going to sit around, and be bored and
super quiet, so I called Eho & she and I met V down
at Stacy's for Long Islands. It was way fun.

Worked the entire day.
J and I went to dinner.
McGrath's Fishhouse-OMG. Way yummy.
We pretty much ate half our weight in food.

I then met up with K-bob & went out dancing with
her and V. Eho & my cousin ended up meeting up with us later.
It was a way fun night out with the girls & J-me. Justin
ended up staying home and going to sleep early.

Justin and I woke up early, and met up with
K-bob and T, for breakfast, where J got the yummiest
looking chicken fried steak, I have ever laid eyes on.
K, T and I could not resist ourselves, we each took a big
bite out of it. :) We then took M her birthday present,
and J shot his bow for a bit.  After that we headed to to my
parents for some hang out time. We sat out on the trampoline for
a long time hanging out, and J and my dad went to go look
for a certain type of mushroom that is expensive if you find them,
and then sell them to a mushroom buyer. :) They found quite a bit and J
made $50. The girls and I went and watched Bella perform
at a dance competition. Which was really cool. :)

Justin went out again with my dad looking for mushrooms,
they didn't find that many the second time. We hung out most of
the day with the girls, and lounged around.

J had to work, but they got off early, so he, E & I
headed to the old house to do some cleaning, the kitchen
is spotless {thanks for e}, the rest of the house still needs
some work, and there are a lot of odds and ends to move to the
new house. I will be so happy when that is all done.
J and I made an easy dinner and rented movies.

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  1. Seems like a worthy week....

    Have a great time :-) this week too


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