Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some rather exciting news.

So as most of you know, J and I have been doing the whole one car thing for a little while now. It is not fun, I hate getting up at three something & trying to go back to sleep, getting up & get ready at someone else's house, waiting for a ride home from work, and then waiting some more for J to get off work and not getting home and into bed until nine something at night..sooo we are going to change our situation--- WE'RE MOVING!!!

Oh yes, you have no idea how absolutely excited I am. J and I have lived in the same house, from the moment we first started dating. It is about 13 miles from town, so we are at least 15 minutes from anywhere in Cottage Grove, 30 minutes from my parents house, and 50 miles from where J needs to go to work. The house we are going to move into hoping to move into is less than 5 minutes to where J meets the other guys he works with, they could even come right by his house and grab him, he is that close, and I would only be 15 minutes to my work, which is the same distance for me that I drive now.

Yesterday J and I did a walk through of it, and it is adorable on the inside, and I love it. I love the color of the walls, the bathroom is pretty awesome, big bedrooms, a huge pantry, the kitchen is adorable also and I love the set up of it. It is two bedroom & one bath. Has a huge backyard with a deck. A two car garage with a loft for storage. There is only one downfall- yes one. My laundry area is literally right in my kitchen. I am not really okay with that- but I can get a curtain rod and just cover that area up.

When we walked into the house, I could instantly see our stuff in the house, our pictures on the walls. I was in love & J thought it was pretty awesome of a house also. I really hope that everything works out and we end up getting it. Here are some pictures of it. The outside is a little beat up looking, but the inside is fabulous!!!

Is it not ADDDDORABLE?!!?!?!?!?!? Oh man, fingers crossed, hoping & praying to get the housssssse. :) :) :)

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