Wednesday, April 14, 2010

story time. ♥ && a request..

   Yesterday I got off work & E picked me up, I had forgotten to grab clothes to go out for her birthday & she agreed to take me home to get clothes. So we head out that way bumping to music--when I realize I do not have a key to my house. Well J and I have become crazy door and window lockers after our house got broken into.
  So we get out to my house, and the only window that I find is the back window, which is pretty much overgrown with blackberry bushes [that we have been meaning to cut down--but have been losers & havn't yet.]--so I grab a piece of a big hunk of wood and put it pretty much in the middle of the blackberry bushes. And slide open the window, while wobbling & trying to keep my balance- I am able to kind of lay part of my body in the window..all the while E is dying of laughter. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever, I am part way in the window--part way out--Tucker is inside licking my face like a mad-man..I am getting stabbed by blackberry bushes.

Finally I make it in & E still cannot stop laughing--I guess I was quite the sight- 75 lbs overweight big girl climbing through a blackberry filled window. Sad day. I know. But I got the clothes, and we headed to her hair appt.

F-I-F-T-E-E-N MINUTES & I am off. woot-woot. :) :) :)

How would you like to see photo's of my life--like other than just my face-- How would you like to see my house; cooking dinner; my purse; my job; anything and everything {within reason} will be photographed & posted--AS LONG AS YOU REQUEST IT. So hop to it people--what would you like to see from my life!?

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