Wednesday, April 14, 2010

& today; we will go shopping.

So, as many of you know {or will know within a matter of seconds} J and I have a NEW HOUSE & it needs some decorating done to it. I love the colors of the house & cannot wait to get started on making it ours and cute & all that it can be. :) So I am going to do a little "wishful wednesday" post && do it for mi casa. :) Enjoy! Oh && if any of you crafty ladies would like to direct me in the direction of some DIY websites- or decorating tips- or even some cute pictures that you think would work in the house {see here for the layout}.

Soo here we gooooo. :) :) :)

{via}--kitchen window sill

{via}--spare bedroom.

{via}--spare bedroom

{via}--fridge[they are magnets]

{via}--living room [letter H though]

{via}--spare bedroom

{via}--spare bedroom

{via}--living room

{via}--living room[tv stand]

{via}--coffee table.

{via}--end table.

{via}--living room x's 2


{via}-- kitchen

Okay--now J and I just need to find some couches & a headboard & I would love a new dresser..but it will have to wait- this is all for my wishlist..Hopefully I get it all. :)

My grand total; 1404.90--but hey--I get free shipping! Oh if only I had lots of money-
time to get a second or even third job. :)

Hope you enjoyed--my wishlist. :) Any tips would be helpful.


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