Sunday, April 11, 2010

learning to dance in the rain.

I am trying very hard to lead a life, in God's hands. Lately I have not been walking down the path that says "Lord, do what you'd like with my life, I trust you." I want everything to be done the way that I want it done. I want the house in Springfield & I am really doubting that we will get it. It is so adorable, and I love it..I just hope I don't want it to much.

I have been doubting myself and the people around me, quite a bit lately. I have been uber emotional, and at times kinda hateful toward the people that mean the most to me. I"m not sure why, I am probablly getting a visit from Aunt Flo & since I don't have a period at all, because of my IUD, I just hormonal and hateful. So hopefully all of this passes quickly and I am able to work through all of the drama and things going on.


Once again, I am at work, six days this week. It should be a nice little paycheck, and I only work 4 days next week. E-Ho turns 21 on Wednesday, and then we are going out with her, then dinner at Memo's and then going out with her on that Saturday. :) Yay!
Cannnnnot wait.

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