Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday was thee day from hellllllll.

To start the day off my car would not start when I was already running late for work. I got to work two minutes late, and from the moment I sat down, to when I left, it was buuuuusy! Then I get off work, kinda annoyed about things I do not have control over, to find a text from a family member that originally hurt my feelings pretty much turning the whole thing around on J and I, and trying to make us feel bad. {I guess J had mentioned something to his mom, who ran to the other person and told them, pretty much that we hated them. Yes, that is his mother. At this point, I am refusing to call her my mother in-law. She is just a uterus Justin rented for nine months.}
Today has been great, car started, work on-time & even had some homemade soup for lunch. Only a few more hours of work & then I am outta here. Short day tomorrow. :) Anyways- get off work- and my car would not start. I tried for ten minutes, and then called Justin, he called a friend to come get him, drove into town, and when he gets there- Says; "Try to start it, I wanna hear what it sounds like" And the little red beast fires right up.. I instantly started crying, not even like a good composed cry, like a sobbing, my will broken, life ruined cry. He seriously looked like I was crazy. It had just been one of those day. We went home, and Justin had cooked dinner, I laid outside on a blanket reading my book {which is amazing and I love & think you all should run out and buy it.}, and hanging out with my Ellie-dog. :) Justin worked on my car, and ended up having to replace the starter, which he just happened to have an extra one, laying around- I know random?!?

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