Thursday, April 22, 2010

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When I was little, everything I did revolved around horses. I grew up on the back of a horse. Every spare moment was spent at the barn, whether I was riding, cleaning stalls, or just hanging out with the horses.

My first horse ever was a shetland pony my papa Gary bought for me. We bought him in the winter, from over east where there was quite a bit of snow, to our barn with stalls and a nice warm area for him, and fed him up with grain and hay-- and the sweet little pony turned into a terror! He would buck me off, and bite, and kick, and really was not that great of a pony. I climbed up on my papa's lap one night & told him--"Sell that pony, now"

My next horse was a hand-me-down horse, Gal, she had made her way down through the family and found her way to me, she was still in her prime when I got her, and spent many days crying because she was an older horse, so she knew all the tricks to frustrate a skinny blonde haired kid. She would stop at the gate, and not move, she would walk instead of trot, she would run full our instead of a slow lope, she would stop all of sudden, she also was a terror when she wanted to be. I rode her until I was about eight when my parents and grandma thought it was time for a bigger & faster horse.

I was really into barrel racing/pole bending/gaming & showing, so my parents and grandma and I took another trip over east to meet Jackie. She had been high school rodeoed, she was fast and smart, and just a little bit too much horse for me at the time, I wouldn't come to love that horse until I was older and in high school. I ended up breeding her, and still have her baby Dottie, I rode her for years.

Over the years, I had relied so much on horses, for comfort and a way to get out of my own head. I owned a mare named Reba, she was fiesty, and really only liked certain people. I loved riding her, and she and I became best friends. My grandma currently has 5 horses, all of which have amazing blood lines, and all of which I wish I had more time to ride. Emee {born on em's birthday}, Doty {my horse}, Foxy {the baby of the barn & J's favorite}, Raymond {whom I love and really would like to have as my own}, Annie {who is awesome to ride, and so talented}. I really need to make the time to go out there and ride, but I am so out of shape, and riding a horse that hasn't been riden in years--is a lot of work-- and I do not want to get bucked off. :)

Thanks for allowing me the trip down memory lane. :)

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