Thursday, April 8, 2010

dear so & so; you didn't have to be rude. xox- the person you flipped off.

Dear Summer,
  Please hurry up and get here. I am far to grouchy to deal with rain- any longer.
xoxo, your ever loving summer girl.
P.S. I promise to take full advantage of you when you do come.

Swimming. Lake trips. Tanning. BBQ's. Reading my book outside.

Dear Bank Account,
Please realize you will not always
have under a hundred dollars in you
at all times, because your dad and I are
BOTH working now & next week
you will have more pennies than
you will even know what to do with.
xoxo, your broke {for now} mommy.

Dear Little Red car;
Hey Hey Hey! I thought you
and I had a deal. You would run
when I needed you to, and I
would keep you fueled up and
semi-clean. So WTF was yesterday
morning and when I got off work?
I get that you didn't want to leave
the house, neither did I..but you
should have been chomping at the
bit to get home, and instead you just
sat there. Pouting.
Well girl, let's get a coffee or something
♥ your bestie. :)

Dear Eho. ♥
Oh little sister. Your birthday..the one
that you have been counting down
for the past SIX MONTHS, is in SIX DAYS.
Oh man. I am so excited. I plan on being
there for you and being the wild and crazy
sister that takes you out drinking and makes
you do things that you normally wouldn't do.
And then I will post those pictures on my blog
and possibly my facebook. :) Love you.
Hope your not toooo hungover the next day.
♥ your experienced drunk sister. :) hehe.

 Thanks for laying on the blanket
in the yard with me, yesterday.
Even if you did drool all over my
xoxo, your favorite cuddle partner

that is all. for now. :) tomorrow is; friday. day i get to wear jeans. one day closer to pay day. & one day closer to eho's birthday. :)

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