Thursday, April 15, 2010

outside my window.. :)

Outside my's bright..& sunny
The time is..a little after noon

Today I feel..way excited..we get the keys to the house tonight & it is thursday--mental health night &&&& tomorrow is frridddayyy--jeans to work day. :)  :) :)

I am thinking..let's get packing && moving peopleeee.

At the moment, I am thankful, excited, nervous, happy, smiling.

I am going..hopefully be all moved into one house & moved out of the other by May 1st. :)

I am wearing..scrubs & uggs.

I wish..that my house would clean & pack it self.

I am reading..blogs.

I am working on..getting my houuuuse clean.

I am hoping..that we get the keys tonight & that it doesn't take a long time to fill out papers.

I am hearing..people in the lobby.

Around the house..needs cleaning & packing.

I bet you didn't first pair of glasses were called "rainbow"

One of my favorite..books is uh--well the last book I read was-- House Rules by J. Piciolt

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