Tuesday, April 20, 2010

calm before the storm;

My life has been going pretty darn good lately. We got the house, we're most of the way moved in, J and I have been getting along fabulously, all the families are getting along, work is good, and goes by super fast. But, I am starting to think that was just the calm before the storm-- Our washer just went out, it died & went to washer heaven..J think he can fix it, and I hope he can, because we do not have the money to get a new washer, right now.

&& I woke up with the beginnings of this stomach flu thing that is going through the hospital with a wild fire. I am grouchy, I do not feel good, and I was swamped at work but now--we are dead, we have a dept. meeting at three something and I am dying a slow miserable death.

That is all for now. I got an award-- I will try to blog about it today. :)

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